Certificats Distinctions

Recognition for the Company and its employees

Awards for the company and its employees are only achieved by competing to be among the best. For STÖBER Antriebstechnik this recognition represents confirmation that its objectives are right and motivation to continue developing its corporate culture.




Agentur für Arbeit


Awarded prize for Customer Champion 2013

In this year's company competition and benchmark study, STÖBER was awarded the "Germany's Customer Champion 2013" prize for it's extraordinarily good customer orientation. The participants were customers from the consumer goods and capital goods sectors and included companies such as AUDI, IKEA,Ebay, ESPRIT and Zalando as award winners.

"Participation in this competition gave STÖBER the opportunity to have our customer relationship ex- amined and assessed by a neutral party," says Rainer Wegener, Manager of the Sales Management Center at STÖBER. "I thank my employees and am pleased with them for our award for outstanding competence. This is typical of STÖBER."

The assessment of this competition is based on customer surveys and the scientifically-based analysis of the respective customer relationship management.The initiators are the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e. V." and "forum! Marktforschung".

"Our endeavors to always operate with the focus on the customer and therefore generate emotional customer loyalty is confirmed by this award," says Patrick Stöber, General Manager of STÖBER. "The focus on our strategic strengths and the motivation of our employees creates an environment in which customer-oriented thinking and action can develop in order to be successful for customers and on the market."