Brief Outline

In 1934 Paul and Wilhelm Stöber set up a mechanical workshop. They wanted to see their ideas come to life and perfect imperfections in mechanical designs.

This spirit lives on in our company today.

The gear engineers designed the compatible MGS geared motor system which was launched in 1990/91. This modular design, along with the machining of closed housings in one clamping, created high quality and were revolutionary for the industrial sector.

While product innovations were being developed, STOBER decided to expand its international presence. In 1991 an important step was taken towards a globally acting company by setting up a subsidiary company with its own assembly plant in Maysville, Kentucky.

STOBER’s brand promise has been ringing true. The company has expanded production capacities twice since 2000. New buildings have been invested in in order to meet the continuously rising demand for STÖBER products. In 2014 the mark of 100,000,000.-- EURO was passed for the first time. The course has been set for further sustainable growth.