For a good common cause

From January 19 to February 16 the “Vesperkirche”, a social project, takes place in a local church in Pforzheim. Many people come here during these days to eat, get help or just to have a roof over their heads. As part of their social activities, trainees and trainers from STOBER are supporting the event.

For the tenth time STOBER apprentices support a local social project :

Pforzheim, 21.01.2020 – Serving food, making sandwiches, looking after children or washing dishes – the trainees and trainers of STOBER are supporting the Vesperkirche in various ways during one week of the event. Especially now in this cold season, people who live on the streets, who are lonely, find a community here. For one Euro they get a warm lunch, a snack to take away, coffee, tea, cake, but also pastoral care, social counselling or medical help.

“This year we are supporting the Vesperkirche for the tenth time”, says Heike Grun, training supervisor at STOBER. The drive specialist is thus assuming social responsibility – also because the company has strong ties to Pforzheim and the local community.

The Pforzheimer Vesperkirche is an ecumenical project, supported by CARITAS and Diakonisches Werk through the club Ökumenische Vesperkirche Pforzheim e.V. “Sharing with each other and being there for each other – that is what we are all about. STOBER has been involved for many years, and every year we are very happy about the volunteer work of the trainees and their active help”, says Elisabeth Schweizer from the steering committee of the Vesperkirche. “It’s great to see how much commitment and enthusiasm the trainees show us every year.”

Pforzheimer Vesperkirche

Pforzheimer Vesperkirche


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