STOBER LeanMotor at SPS IPC Drives

The new LeanMotor took center stage for STOBER at this year’s SPS IPC Drives. “SPS IPC Drives is the most important trade show of the year for us,” explains Patrick Stöber. “It is a joy to present a world first this year and to see this much interest. We got visitors, customers and partners excited about our new development and had a lot of very interesting conversations.”

STOBER is bringing a new drive solution to the market with the LeanMotor, a solution that completely omits any positioning encoder. The motor has the same output while being significantly more compact and energy-efficient than an asynchronous drive and more rugged and cost-efficient than a servo drive.


Drive technology manufacturers have been pushing for ways to operate motors without an encoder for ages. But other approaches to date have had a serious disadvantage: In the range from zero to around 100 revolutions per minutes, the rotor does not provide signals that can be evaluated. The STOBER LeanMotor is different. The position of the rotor can be determined with clarity by evaluating the anisotropy of the rotor. This enables the speed and torque to be set to any value from a standstill to maximum speed with full torque control even without an encoder. This entails a fluctuation in speed of less than 1% of the nominal speed, while the positioning accuracy is ±1°.

The LeanMotor is also turning heads with an efficiency of up to 96%. “Our LeanMotor has smaller everything, except output and energy efficiency!” says Günter Großmann, Product Manager for Motors. Because the motor operates without any encoder at all, only one standard power cable is required, without any additional wires or shielding for the connection to the controller. Compared to a standard asynchronous motor with an incremental encoder, the LeanMotor can regulate more dynamically and efficiently thanks to its greatly reduced flywheel mass. Construction designers can design drives smaller, the machine itself can be dimensioned smaller and this reduces the installation area. For versatile synchronous servo motors, LeanMotor provides an alternative that is approximately 30% more cost-efficient. It is also significantly more durable because it does not need an encoder or a fan installed. As a result, the LeanMotor is well-suited to automation tasks and other application that are exposed to high vibrations and oscillations.

You can begin ordering the new LeanMotor on 2018-01-01!

Motoren ohne Encoder betreiben



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