Safety Functions.

A safety function is the control function of a machine that reduces the various risks arising from the machine to an acceptable level.

For better readability, we categorize the safety functions into the functions of stopping, limiting, positioning, braking and monitoring.


Safe stopping.

STO – Safe Torque Off = Safe shutdown of the drive controller

  • Safe shutdown of the drive controller.
  • Safely shuts off the energy supply to the motor.
  • Ideal for a safe restart lock.

SS1 – Safe Stop 1

  • Monitored braking with transition to STO.
  • Detects errors already during braking.
  • Ideal for low safety distances.
  • Fallback level for all other safety functions at STOBER.

SS2 – Safe Stop 2

  • Monitored braking with transition to SOS.
  • Detects errors already during braking.
  • Ideal for coupled axes and fast restarts.


Safe limiting

SSR – Safe Speed Range

  • Freely selectable upper and lower speed limit.
  • With optional dynamic tolerance.
  • Ideal for speed range monitoring.

SLS – Safely Limited Speed

  • Symmetrical monitoring at max. permitted speed.
  • With optional dynamic tolerance.
  • Ideal for monitoring and commissioning.

SDI – Safe Direction

  • Locking of a direction of motion.
  • Configurable tolerance range.
  • Ideal for limit switch monitoring.

Position monitoring

Safe position monitoring.

SLP – Safely Limited Position

  • Safe position range.
  • Tests the absolute position for plausibility.
  • Ideal for constant location monitoring.

SLI – Safely Limited Increment

  • Safely monitored increment.
  • Single-ended motion limits.
  • Ideal for variable position monitoring.

SOS – Safe Operating Stop

  • Monitored standstill.
  • Drive remains under control.
  • Ideal for quick restart when loading and unloading.

Brake management

Safe Brake Management

SBC – Safe Brake Control

  • Optional for one or two brakes.
  • Regardless of brake type.
  • Short circuit and cable break monitoring.
  • Ideal for gravity-loaded axes.

SBT – Safe Brake Test

  • Individually configurable test process.
  • No obligation of documentation.
  • Ideal for gravity-loaded axes.

Bedding in the brake

  • Refresh instead of replace.
  • Automatic bedding in of brakes.
  • Ideal for increasing machine availability.
Monitoring functions

Safe monitoring

This function is purely for monitoring the safety functions mentioned and is identified by an -M connected to the abbreviation of the safety function.

  • Ideal for variable safety responses in complex systems.
  • Ideal for constant system protection.

Safe limiting: SLS-M, SSR-M, SDI-M

Safe position monitoring: SLI-M, SLP-M, SOS-M

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